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The Low Edges, Turnmills

The last time I went to Turnmills was probably when I was an aimless twenty-something, checking out the 'club scene' by going to the Heavenly Social. I don't remember too much, except the place was huge, the decor was Gaudi-like and scary in parts, the music was loud, dance-y, and it was packed with people. The Low Edges' gig at Turnmills was almost the diametric opposite of my previous experience. I sat and read a book when the other bands soundchecked. The gig part of Turnmills seems to be in what would normally be the VIP room of the club - more Gaudi than Scary. Although during the soundcheck, I was able to wander around and see the rest of the club. It had strange leather details like lions and padded bars in the main room. Thankfully, we couldn't see any off that stuff from stage. We soundchecked at 7.30, gigged at 8, and I was out of the venue by 8.30, in time to grab a nice bite to eat out in Farringdon. The gig was fun, we played a new song, and I had an earnest discussion with the drummer of the next band as I came off stage, about how great my earplugs are.

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