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April 2005

sink & drumsloo & drumsbathtub & drums

I recorded for Horowitz last year, and I guess they liked what I did so I got asked back again this year. They had some new songs that needed drum tracks, so I drove on up to Trilemma HQ, leaving London at the ungodly hour of 7.30 on a Saturday Morning.

This was a home studio, and I finally got there after getting lost on the Stoke ring road. I got a warm welcome and a very-nearly all-set-up drumkit. The most soundproofed (and acoustically best) room in the house is the bathroom, so that's where the drums went. When I did this last year, it amused me so much that I got Pete to take lots of photos this time so I could show people the funny 'live' room.

the live room

Anyways, I got all set up and we worked a while on the sound levels. When it was all satisfactory, Ian played guitar and sang across the hallway, and I was shut in the bathroom. We had 7 songs to get through, and I intended to drive back down to London so I hoped we'd get some good takes quickly. I had only received a CD a few weeks before, so it was very much a spontaneous situation - I had a few ideas for parts but nothing was fully formed. Some of the songs are really sing-along fun to drum to, but of course I have no idea what they'll really sound like since literally the drums are the only thing that's been recorded. I hope Ian and Pete don't mind, but here's a few clips of the drum tracks, which they kindly sent down to me. Here's a a slow one and a faster one. I set about drumming my heart out.

I had a full day (and was fed full of special Stoke oatcakes), and was just about worn out by 7pm. There was one song that was too fast for me and finished me off. I was hoping that we wouldn't have to re-record anything. I had to listen carefully to everything, to make sure we were happy with all the takes.

And it was fine, everything was OK, and I was allowed to go. And, taking one last chance to act like a rock star, I refused to let the papparazzi get any more pics!

Photos by Pete Bowers.

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