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Scarlet's Well had a great time in Sweden and Finland. The gigs were fun, I think the set is pretty much sorted out and we got good responses. The drumkit in Stockholm only had a ride cymbal stand and a hi-hat, so I had to do a bit of re-arranging on the fly, which was challenging. But ever since the bicycle-seat-as-drumstool in Munich incident I realize that a less-than-perfect kit setup is an opportunity to become a better drummer.

I like playing abroad as there are always bands and people to discover. Sarah (who I met the last time, and drummed for in the Dreamers last year) gave me a CD of her other project Action Biker, Hesperian Puisto. I think will really like this one. In Finland, we were looked after again by Ville from Cats on Fire and the lovely Hannah. They also had done the most beautiful gig posters I have ever been on. I also heard a side-project from those guys called Le futur pompiste which is great too. Finally, in Gothenberg, our soundman is from Tellus about the moon who sound pretty good.

Another good thing about touring is that you get to do unusual stuff. I'm not talking about the overnight ferry to Finland (couldn't sleep again, I hope that was the last time). By the time we had a 5 hour layover in Stockholm airport on Saturday, I had had about 10 hours sleep over 3 nights. Luckily for me, for a mere 10, I could check into a Rest and fly, which is basically boxes with beds in them, and showers. I got a heavenly 2 hours sleep and a shower so was able to do the final gig in Gothenberg that evening.

Looking forward to Germany now!

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