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So far I've played 2 gigs this year - but there's a lot coming up in the pipeline. A gig or two per month, I reckon, hopefully more around the place than London but let's see what happens.

Both gigs were with the Debutante - I'm getting into playing with brushes with them to help the acoustic instruments (flute, mandolin, violin, harmonica) through.

The story of the last gig I guess is that I have started using foam earplugs during rehearsals and gigs. Tinnitus isn't funny, kids! Anyways, I can still hear fine, except for some reason during our set I couldn't hear the bass or rhythm guitar! Was it the earplugs? No.. I think the soundman had decided to soundcheck us with a DI'd bass, and do the gig with a bass amp. So I had to do the mime thing for more bass (which to me feels like I'm imitating a monkey scratching it's armpit) and gradually got blasted away as it was turned up waaay too loud. But the sound up front was OK, which is the main thing, thanks, soundman at the Water Rats!

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