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Photo: Charley Stone

Drumming with Melissa Reardon as part of The Fallen Women

Photo: Kate Quigley at the Washing Machine Club at The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds.

Photo: Deb Vander Geugten Debvandergdraws.

Photo: Victoria Bourne from the awesomeHusky Tones.

Photo: Mark Blundell Mark Blundell.

Photo: Steve Brummell. Recommend checking out A Secret Picnic for lots of amazing band pictures from the past 10 years.

Photo: Steve Brummell

Photo: Bob Oram

Photo: Rick Hollingworth

Photo: Wan Ming Lui

Photo: Jeff Moh

Photo: Berto Garcia

Photo: Rob Adey

Photo: Ella Guru

Photo: Charley Stone

Photo: Steve Brummell

Photo: Steve Brummell

Image: Caroline Richards

Photo: Steve Brummell

Photo: David Barnett

Photo: Kate Dansette

Photo: Paul Maps

Photo: Isabelle Adam

Photo: Steve Brummell

Photo: Suzanne Livingstone