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Band Title Description Month/Year Label/location Pic
Solo record Trustfall Digital download, booklet of sleeve notes available to buy. January 2018 Mole in the ground records.
Solo record JT the Brave Limited edition flexidisc 2017 Mole in the ground records.
The Monchrome Set Platinum Coils Recorded 4 of the songs. 2012 Tapete Also did one radio6 session for the band.
Scarlet's Well society of figurines 7th album from the band - 3rd with my drums. July '10 Buy it here!, or in shops.
Scarlet's Well Gatekeeper Out Now! October 08 Siesta Records
The Low Edges The single that never was Girl and the gun The spiritualist's journey Cold as the grave
The New Royal Family A New Hope (Thank Christ it's Christmas) Download only track for xmas compilation December 07 Available from Filthy Little Angels
The New Royal Family Anyone Fancy a Chocolate Digestive? YouTube video here November, 2007, Filthy Little Angels. 7" Sold out! Download only.
Scarlet's Well Black Tulip Wings Recorded at Onecat studios, released by Siesta records. December, 2005 Buy it here
The Low Edges 'Leave the House' - Future Love Songs compilation LP (Angular) The studio was a Ukelele shop basement. March, 2006 Shoreditch
Horowitz Frosty Cat Songs - buy it here. Interesting home studio May, 2005 Stoke-on-Trent, I drummed on about 8 of the tracks.
Linus The Course of True Linus never did run smooth ancient history Compilation from '93-2006 - I play bass. You can buy it here.
Compilation - Street Kids, and Horowitz. 2 songs Available here: kiosk records recorded May 2005 Stoke on Trent
Scarlet's Well From the session. "Hello Goodbye" show on Resonance Radio Summer '04 London 8 of us squeezed in the radio studio - played live on air!
Faster Fasten Your Seatbelt and Culture's Lost. Demo recorded at Mill Hill rehearsal studios. April '04 London A review of the demo
Conrad Vingoe from his demo. Demo recorded at a music school December '03 London Very early drumming