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Goodness, it's been a busy old year! I've been a bit lazy about posting up gig reviews here. Will try harder next year! I would have to say my 2 favourite gigs of the year have to to be Spain, with Scarlet's Well, (it's fun to play out of the UK!) and the Low Edges at the Venue - that was the last gig of the year and sandwiched in between 2 days of recording the Scarlet's Well LP. There were loads of people there, and I had a lot of pent-up energy after playing to a tape recorder for 2 days. The band are really coming together, too - I for one did not forget anything, and we were approaching 'tight'. No, really!

Anyway, Happy 2006 and hope the new year brings lots of drumming to you and yours!

my tour suitcase

The Low Edges The Venue December 9th, 2005 London Angular Disco
The Debutante The Betsey Trottwood November 16th, 2005 London The smallest stage ever
Low Edges The Comedy Oct 18th, 2005 London
Scarlet's Well Last gig of the year Oct 5th, 2005 Belfast In a church hall!
The Low Edges The Windmill August 20th, 2005 London the gig
Scarlet's Well Felipop August 12th, 2005 Limodre, Spain a festival!
The Low Edges The Buffalo Bar July 29th, 2005 London Debut gig!
Scarlet's Well The Water Rats July 16th, 2005 London Played 2 new songs
The Debutante Hope and Anchor May 25th, 2005 London First gig!
Scarlet's Well Sussex Arts Club April 14th, 2005 Brighton First gig of '05
Scarlet's Well Germany November, 2004 Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf & Hamburg Tour Diary.
Scarlet's Well The Union Chapel November 6th, 2004 London It was in a church!
The Shallows The Pleasure Unit, Bethnal Green October 27th, 2004 London The Story of the Shallows.
Scarlet's Well The Open House October 16th, 2004 Brighton Upstairs in a very nice pub.
Scarlet's Well London School of Economics July 26th, 2004 London A huge stage
Scarlet's Well The Water Rats July 7th, 2004 London 2nd gig with Scarlet's Well!
Scarlet's Well The Spitz May 2004 London 1st gig!
Picture Centre The Water Rats, The Spitz, The Water Rats Jan - April 2004 London 3 shows to help them promote their LP.
The Shallows The Kashmir Klub 2003? London First incarnation with Andy on guitar.

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