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The Low Edges and the New Royal Family 19th December The Purple Turtle London Xmas Bash.
The Low Edges 15th December The Planet Drum - my drum school London Xmas Bash, private party.
Scarlet's Well 20th November Tago Mago Massa, Italy Biggest crowd, great venue.
Scarlet's Well 18th November Locomotiv Club Bologna, Italy. Big stage, but longest soundcheck in the world. Got to play with Micha Blue Smaldone and Alek Redfearn who were great.
Scarlet's Well 17th November Edera Codroipo, Italy Tiny town, very nice crowd
Scarlet's Well 16th November Officiana 49 Cesena, Italy First gig of mini Italian tour
Scarlet's Well 16th Oct Inkonst Malmo, Sweden a very friendly crowd.
Scarlet's Well 14th Oct The Scala London Gig in Support of David Shrigley Worried Noodles compilation.
Scarlet's Well 27th Sept Paper, Scissors, Glue @ TV21 Manchester Drove all night to get back. Never again.
The New Royal Family 2nd Sept The Windmill London Drumming in a skirt - could start a trend...
Scarlet's Well August 16th Pop Revo festival Aarhus, Denmark Peter from Low Edges filled in on bass.
The Dreamers August 10th Luminaire London I filled in on drums for this duo.
The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra July 6th 100 Club London My last gig with this wonderful comedy group.
The Low Edges July 4th Catch London All of 6 people turned up, Peter had to rush off stage to catch his train. The drumming was fun, tho.
The New Royal Family 30th June Lark in the Park London The Mystery Fax Machine orchestra played also. Mayhem!
The Low Edges 15th June Shot By Both Sides, New Cross Inn London a cosy venue in trendy New Cross
The Low Edges May 13th Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes London In a bowling alley! Strike!
Scarlet's Well May 12th Alan Moore's wedding - private party Northhampton Bonzo Dog do dah band tribute also played. Interesting experience.
Scarlet's Well May 5th Turku, Finland No supporting act, just Boston on the decks! Finland is great, too!
Scarlet's Well May 3rd Norkoping, Sweden With Saturday Looks Good to Me Sweden is beautiful
Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra April 26th the Camden Head, London Shortfuse night even more musicians onstage!
Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra April 13th Bloomsbury Theatre, London Book Club night a horror show - Friday 13th!
Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra April 2nd The Albany, London Musical comedy night 12 musicians!
The Low Edges March 18th Buffalo Bar, London Guided Missle night last date of the weekend tour!
The Low Edges March 16th The Venue, New Cross Supporting One More Grain a weekend tour of London
The Low Edges February 17th Zosch, Berlin. Supporting Gifthorse and Grizzly and The Duck of Death Germany
The Low Edges February 16th Enzian, Berlin Supporting Gifthorse and Grizzly and the Duck of Death Video here.
The Low Edges February 13th RAW tempel, Berlin. Supporting Gifthorse and La Manie Germany
the Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra February 8th, London. Shortfuse Video here.
The New Royal Family January 27th Metro London Kilt-tastic
the Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra 26th January Scaledown London First outing as a 6 piece.
2006 gigs! all 24 of 'em! UK Spain Germany
2005 gigs! details here! London Spain Belfast