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Small Crew Dec 12th Bull and Gate London
Scarlet's Well Nov 21st Oden Teatern Stockholm, Sweden
The New Royal Family November 14th The Buffalo Bar London Played with Brontosaurus Chorus and Lloyd Grossman's punk band!
The New Royal Family November 7th Antlib London An Adam and the Ants Convention! The power went out but it was a great gig
Keith TOTP and his minor indie celebrity band Aug 19th The Flowerpot London
Keith TOTP and his minor indie celebrity band Aug 8th Buffalo Bar London
Small Crew Augst 6th The Buffalo Bar London
Small Crew July 8th Tommy Flynns London
The New Royal Family June 14th Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes London a 50's night
Scarlet's Well June 1st L'Internationale Paris the gig
Scarlet's Well June 1st Le Baron Paris the gig
Small Crew May 26th The Comedy London My new band
Deptford Beach Babes May 23rd Club Hell London the gig
Scarlet's Well April 17th Ostpol Dresden, Germany
Scarlet's Well April 16th Prinzenbar, P!O!P! Weekender Hamburg, Germany Pics.
New Royal Family March 11th @ The Gaff Holloway Road, London
Scarlet's Well March 7th The Small Music Theatre Athens, Greece pics.
Scarlet's Well January 17th Parliament Club @ Inn on the Green Ladbroke Grove, London
2008 gigs! details here! UK Germany Sweden, Finland, Spain
2007 gigs! 30 gigs UK Germany Sweden, Finland, Denmark
2006 gigs! all 24 of 'em! UK Spain Germany
2005 gigs! details here! London Spain Belfast