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A non comprehensive list of my gigs..

my tour suitcase

In 2017 I played a lot of parties!

Keith TOTP, at the Hope and Anchor

Keith TOTP, in Birmingham supporting Desperate Journalist
Very First Solo gig at the Argonaut club
The Beatlesss 2.0 (I was Ringo) at The Beehive and a wedding party

Keith TOTP at The Washing Machine club in Suffolk
Keith TOTP at Abigailís parties at The Fiddler's Elbow
Fallen Women at Night & Day, in Manchester

Keith TOTP in a party in a field
Solo gig with full band at Outsider Pop, The Gunners, Finsbury Park

Keith TOTP, at a wedding

Keith TOTP, at a birthday party
Fallen Women, at a private party

Fallen Women at the Museum of London
Spooky themed songs in a wedding band at a wedding

Solo gig at Genesisters, Genesis Cinema in Stepney

Fallen Women at The Lexington
Joanne Joanne at The Lexington (dep drumming, 3 songs)

2016 gigs! details here! UK
2015 gigs! details here! UK
2013 - 14 I played 8 gigs each year! All in London! Pretty busy with Drummybaby!
2012 I played 8 gigs! 2 for Keith TOTP! 3 for the New Royal Family! 2 for the Famous Cocks, britain's premier crap concept Adam and the Ants band. 1 final one for the Monochome Set!
2011 I mostly toured with the Monochrome Set! and then had a baby! UK, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Japan
2010 gigs! details here! UK
2009 gigs! details here! UK Germany Sweden, France
2008 gigs! details here! UK Germany Sweden, Finland, Spain
2007 gigs! 30 gigs UK Germany Sweden, Finland, Denmark
2006 gigs! all 24 of 'em! UK Spain Germany
2005 gigs! details here! London Spain Belfast